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Designer Rob Russo

Boost Business with Custom Photo Images … Because Pictures Are Still Worth 1,000 Words.

A picture is worth a thousand words | Boost your business with custom-designed social media graphicsLooking for quotes for Facebook? Images for Pinterest?

Wondering how to size a picture for each social media network?

Boost your business with custom-designed social media graphics.

The old adage A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words has been around for some time. According to Wikipedia, a variation of the phrase can be traced back to a newspaper article from 1911. While the origin of the phrase might be debatable, I would argue it is still so true and even more applicable today.

Photos get more engagement on Facebook than a lone status update. And look at the success of Pinterest. Sharing images on the Internet is old school. But with a platform that focuses on images plus adds the element of social media? You have a winner.

So whether you are a social media manager handling multiple social media accounts or a young entrepreneur just getting started with your first social media network, I know I don’t have to tell you the power — and the necessity — of the right images in your marketing and promotion and what they can do for your brand.

Custom Photo Images

As a social media designer, custom photo images is just one of the many design services I offer. If you need a special, custom-designed Pinterest pin with your favorite quote or business mission statement displayed proudly, look no further.

I create custom social media graphics that stand out and get the engagement you desire.

I’ve developed what I call the Perfect Pinterest Pin which is the perfect size to stand out on one of the fast-growing and most popular social media sites — one that is geared around the very images we love.

And, I create custom images perfect for Facebook — think cover photo, timeline images and milestones or events — that are often perfect for sharing on other sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more, too.

So share a captivating photo, favorite quote or special promotion via custom social media graphics on all your favorite platforms. Just be sure to make ‘em pop!

Social Media Graphics in Bulk

I’m putting together packages of graphics but need your help. Help me determine what is in demand!

What do you want to share on your social media networks to promote your business? If you could grab a handful of social media graphics in bulk, what would be best?

Do you need:

  • Photo images of inspirational quotes.
  • Photo images of Bible verses.
  • Photo images of funny photos and sayings.
  • Photo images of social media facts.
  • Photo images of health and nutrition advice.
  • Photo images of __________?

Or something else? If you mentally selected the last item on the list, it’s time to fill in the blank. Please leave a comment below with your graphic needs. Thanks in advance!

Boost Business with Custom Photo Images ... Because Pictures Are Still Worth 1,000 Words. by
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I love to create custom social media graphics and help online entrepreneurs build a bold brand. Oh, and I can eat my weight in guacamole. You should follow me on twitter today.

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