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The Best Color for Logos, Web Design and Business Branding is Orange

The best color for you business brand is orange!

The Best Color for Logos, Web Design and Business Branding is Orange.

No really, I know started this color blog series stating that red is the best color for business branding, but I should have gone with orange from the start. I mean, look at my site!? I use orange so it must be the best, right?

If you are just starting out in business or gearing up for a redesign of your branding materials, you might be wondering what the perfect color or colors is best to represent your brand. What color is best for business? What color is best for logo design? You want something that represents you and your industry, colors that make sense in your niche.

I’ve spilled the beans already. The best color for business branding is…

The Best Color for Logos, Web Design and Business Branding is Orange.

Is that an accurate statement? To continue our study on world-famous brands, that’s focus on businesses that use the color orange in their branding.

Orange is the best color for business branding and designI would argue this is the best known checkmark in our world today. Most people around the world would recognize it in a heartbeat.

The brand has moved beyond the color orange — in fact, you will see this logo displayed in every color of the rainbow (and then some) — but the color orange is a big part of the company history and still heavily used.

Do you know the brand?

SPOILER ALERT: The answer is Nike.

Why Pick Orange to Represent You or Your Business?

Other popular companies and organizations that use orange in their logo and branding materials including Home Depot, Nickelodeon, Cingular, University of Tennessee, Orange Julius.

Orange is the best color for business branding and design
All of these organizations have different reasons for selecting orange. If you are wondering what the best color for your business or brand might be, you might choose orange as the color is often associated with…

  • Creativity
  • Fun
  • Youth
  • Energy
  • Adventure

Like red, the color orange is bright and eye-catching.

As I said before, I love orange.

But the flip side?

Orange is the WORST Color for Logos, Web Design and Business Branding

That’s right. As much as I love orange and have chosen it to represent my brand, some argue there are a few negative connotations with my favorite color.

The color orange might be a winner for you. (See list of positives above.)

Or orange might be a mistake. Some suggest orange can mean inexpensive or even cheap. Discount retailer Big Lots, for example, uses orange. One could argue they sell “cheap” stuff, but they suggest they sell great stuff (quality, brand names) for less.

Often, orange is associated with the following terms:

  • Inexpensive
  • Immature, kid-like
  • Too Casual
  • Dependency
  • Self-indulgent

Ultimately the decision is up to you. Let me know in the comments below what you think about the color orange or your other favorite color for business. (Not into orange? Check out my other thoughts on colors, too.)

What color best represents your brand? What color best resonates with your niche audience?

The Best Color for Logos, Web Design and Business Branding is Orange by
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14 comments… add one

  • Orange is my sister’s favorite color; me, I prefer green or yellow. For business I use yellow. It’s interesting to learn what the colors imply or suggest to a consumer. Thanks for another informative post Rob!

  • Orange is an “okay” color. For this fiery grandma I like a combination of bright reds, oranges and yellows…thus, the “fiery” in my branding. But, then Rob…being my designer you’d know best what best represents my feisty, redefined success after 50!

  • Orange is my favourite colour too, I used it in my branding, but mixed it with complementary colours for balance…and so I don’t look cheap. :)

  • I am in the process of writing an article titled, “The color of ugly.” And yes, you guessed what color I am writing about. This color should be left to tiger lilies and the fruit that bears its name. And if you want ugly on steroids, dial it up to neon orange. People with orange hair aren’t called ‘orangeheads’ they are called ‘redheads’. Why? Because even the word ‘orange’ is ugly. Who would want to go through life being called an ‘orangehead’? Now…I better get back to my article. It’s an ugly job but somebody has to do it. Thanks for the post Rob. Nice site, orange notwithstanding.

    • I love this concept, William. Thanks for taking the time to comment here … I hope my article on the color orange proved to be valid research for you. Please do tell me when your article is published. I can’t wait to read it!

  • I don’t know, Rob… this is the first time I’ve ever heard any of those negative comments about orange. Think orange M&Ms and green M&Ms. Awesome colors! Bright, cheery, happy colors.

    I hope William does let you (and or me) know when his article is published.

  • I had nearly made up my mind to change the color of our logo from Orange to black….its difficult to find other colors as a background for t-shirts with my logo…..but not now…thanks for writing this! BTW any suggestions on what colors can be used in combination with Orange?

    • It all depends on your current branding, position, target market… I’ve seen all the following color combinations work well:

      • orange and pink (great for young girls)
      • orange and green
      • orange and blue
      • orange and yellow
      • orange and black/grey

      Good luck!

  • Celso

    Reading a lot about orange and other colors. Planning a logo and marketing manual with orange and green, some details using black. But to be honest, orange sometimes seems too strong, so I will hire a professional in my country to finish the work. The company will be a startup, some young and talented people trying to create a new software product, so orange seems a good choice.

  • Hi Rob,
    Thanks for the information. I own Custom Cupcakes which is currently represented by pink and brown and white, but my alter ego (website address) thoseCUPCAKESrock.com is very rock and roll and is best in black and white. What would you suggest might be the best way to marry these? I’ve considered 2 orange Cs back to back (not overlapping like the perfume brand) with Custom Cupcakes through the middle. Any thoughts?

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