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Designer Rob Russo

The Best Color for Logos, Web Design and Business Branding is Red.

The best color for your business and brand is red.If you are just starting out in business or gearing up for a redesign of your branding materials, you might be wondering what the perfect color or colors is best to represent your brand. What color is best for business? What color is best for logo design? You want something that represents you and your industry, colors that make sense in your niche.

Are you ready for my prediction of the best color for business branding?

The Best Color for Logos, Web Design and Business Branding is Red.

Is that an accurate statement? To be the best judge, we should check out some world-famous, brands that mean big business. Ones that use the color red in their branding.

Red is the best color for business branding and designI would argue the top brand that dominates with the color red is a “little” drink company I bet you’ve heard of. They are known worldwide and recognized instantly.

In fact, the brand is so well-known, I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about with this simple graphic here on the left.

Anyone left guessing?

SPOILER ALERT: Of course the answer is Coca-Cola.

Why Pick Red to Represent You or Your Business?

Other popular companies and organizations that use red in their logo and branding materials including American Red Cross (obvious choice), Target, Verizon Wireless, CNN, ESPN, YouTube, Kellogg’s, Red Bull, Toyota and a plethora of fast food restaurants, such as KFC and McDonald’s (along with the obnoxious Golden Arches, of course).

The color red in logo design and branding.
All of these organizations have different reasons for choosing red, I’m sure. But if you are wondering what the best color for your business or brand might be, you might pick red as the color is often associated with…

  • Power
  • Passion
  • Love
  • Intensity
  • Fire

Best color for business logo is redRed is bright and eye-catching.

Bank of America chose red (along with blue) to mark it’s massive brand. They pull it off as the obvious tie to America and our patriotic colors. Often, though, banks avoid red as many consumers (whether they realize it or not) associate “in the red” as a negative term when associated with money. Not a good thing for banks.

Speaking of negative and not a good thing… Just maybe…

Red is the WORST Color for Logos, Web Design and Business Branding

That’s right. Did you really think I would be so quick to answer the “what’s the best color to represent my brand?” question with a simple “red” answer?

The color red might be a winner for you. (See list of positives above.)

Or red might be a bust. Note that red can be associated with bad finances, as noted above. And often, red is associated with the following:

  • Danger or warning
  • Anxiety
  • Blood (war, violence)
  • Stress
  • Anger

Also, if you were to use various shades of red in your branding and design, it won’t take long to notice you lose the impact of red as it often turns pink (not that pink is bad in some cases).

Ultimately the decision is up to you. Let me know in the comments below what you think about the color red or your other favorite color for business. (Stay tuned for my thoughts on other colors, too.)

What color best represents your brand? What color best resonates with your niche audience?

The Best Color for Logos, Web Design and Business Branding is Red. by
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  • Very thought provoking post Rob! Of course that brings me to the $64 question: How do you decide which color is best for your brand, and what do you base it on? Guess I’ll have to follow the rest of the posts in the series :)

    • Great question, Dawn. And do stay tuned! I’ll explore my thoughts on choosing the best color for your brand later in this series.

  • Great post. Pretty complicated when trying to choose a color for your brand. To add to the confusion I’m guessing different colors may evoke different emotions in different cultures.

    • Good point suggesting cultural differences, Gary. That’s definitely something to remember as I write and design from my American bubble.

    • Gary, I was surprised when I first moved to Europe that the shade of red used in fast-food restaurants was different from ours: not the clear red of KFC, for example, but much more orange and subdued. As I was brought there as Marketing Director of Godiva Chocolates, I had to learn all the cultural differences for our worldwide brand. BTW, this isn’t color related, but our franchisee in Japan insisted that Lady Godiva on the horse could NOT be naked …

  • WOW! Thanks, Rob, for sharing this about the color of our brand. I’ll have to keep posted to your posts to learn more. I love red, not sure if I’d want it as my brand….hmmmm

  • Interesting article! I am a creature of habit I guess…I always choose the same color scheme…my favorite for everything…website, throughout my home and even clothes!! Cranberry and creme, that’s me!

  • The study of colors is really amazing and fun Rob! Most of the time the clients have difficulties to define the color (s) of their brand, it is a learning process. Well said, I enjoyed the post!

  • Rob, this is a very timely post for me! I have been doing some rough designs for a new header for my website and the color I had chosen is a berry color, not a true red. I haven’t made a final decision yet…now you have given me lots of food for thought! I will keep an eye out for more of your posts on this subject.

    • Berry sounds interesting. I’m touching on the main colors (blue and green, e.g.) and not on more specific ones (teal, chartreuse, etc.) … I’d be writing about color the rest of my life. Ha!

      You’ll find something like berry has some characteristics of red, some of purple (stay tuned for my thoughts on purple).

  • Great article Rob. I’m with many of us here wondering what would be a good color for my brand. Will stay tuned.

  • I agree that red is a wise marketing choice and I am in the process of re-branding, I will have to give this some thought..although red and my personality dont really resonate.

    • I’d say think of your target market and intended audience first … But you definitely want to avoid clashing with your own personality. YOU are a big part of your own brand. Stay tuned as we explore every color in the rainbow…

  • Great post Rob. I’ve been looking into colors as I want to take my brand to a new level. Given me things to think about! :)

  • Interesting series, Rob! Red is used by many big companies I agree – and sometimes the history behind that choice may be a very unusual one :)

    It’s an entire process to select your brand colours and you have to take into accounts many aspects: such as target audience, your values, the feelings that you want your brand to evoke, and last but not least your own opinion.

    Or not! Sometimes it just has to click with you for no apparent reason.

    Will definitely check out the rest of the posts, keep them coming :)

  • Hey Rob! Love this! As you know, I use red! Along with being one of my favorite colors, that and the black I use are my alma mater’s colors too – that’s the real reason I chose it. Can’t wait to read the next one!

  • I was always taught that red should be used like lipstick in design and copy. Great article, Rob!

  • I love the color red and also black for design….but I use them sparingly…very interesting post!

  • Great post Rob! Love the simplicity of your writing. As for the color red, I am up in the air. I know that Red and Yellow are used a lot in marketing. I wonder it that is why Orange is becoming more popular?
    Looking forward to reading more.

  • Really makes you think! I was thinking how I love red and it seems like a great brand color, until you mentioned the downsides. Has got me re-thinking. My fav color is green-think $$$

  • The color red suits my business that’s why I chose it. Any color we choose represents our uniqueness, our choice to show people how creative we can be to catch their attention. I love your prediction Rob; thanks for sharing.

  • Orange / Grey was our decision for linkyourinc the new business communication platform. We have mainly chosen this combination because it was one if the web 2.0 styles. We actually don’t know the psychological effect on persons but we would be happy to have your opinion on that :)

  • Feel free to visit our platform at http://www.linkyourinc.com and tell us your opinion.

  • hmm, wow yes interesting indeed. I chose red s a color, I’d like black for lettering with silver to accent the whole look. I chose red because my business is fun, out of the box, bold, and eye catching. I am a swag goody bag coordinator, creator and distributor So red to me says bold, results, confidence, unique, fun, do it or get it now. Silver and black to show it’s trustworthy, elegance, it’s a gift, authoritive, and fun. Colors are interesting, I like my color choices, it will be interesting to read the rest of your color series and would be interesting to hear from others what colors they would choose for my specific business.

  • I’m just not convinced that red is the best color.

    • Well, be sure to read the rest of the series… Perhaps you’ll find the best color for you and your business. ;-)

  • It’s only an approximation but no matter what the original color of the logo is, the color of the logos outside of the establishments are: 80% red, 10% blue, 10% any other color. You can bet what logos can be seen better at night.

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